Book Review of THE ACCIDENT by Chris Pavone

This is the definition of a page-turner.

The plot: an unauthorized biography of Charlie Wolfe, a billionaire media mogul, lands in the hands of Isabel Reed, a high powered literary agent. This manuscript entitled The Accident unearths some serious crimes perpetrated by Wolfe, and therefore, it’s worth killing for. Of course, those backing Wolfe–the CIA, namely–will stop at nothing to destroy the book and anyone who has read it or even knows about its existence. The characters are very well drawn, especially Isabel Reed (sympathetic, tough, resourceful) and the CIA operative known as Hayden (polished, morally-bankrupt). The descriptions, particularly of New York City in general and the publishing industry specifically, are a joy to read. Thematically speaking, this novel could (and should) be categorized as a literary book, for moral ambiguity permeates every aspect of the narrative, including the ending. Finally, another fun layer of the book is this: scattered throughout the novel are excerpts from the unauthorized biography, and every character who comes across the manuscript literally cannot put it down, it is so engrossing; the same could be said for The Accident (the novel itself).

I really liked this one, and now I’m definitely going back to read Pavone’s first novel.