Book Review of DEADLY DUNES by E. Michael Helms

deadly dunesOnly $4.95 on Kindle and $14.95 for paperback!

Multi-million dollar real estate deals. A priceless map drawn by 16th century explorers. Coded messages in Spanish and English. Femme fatales and callous businessmen. Snipers and lying women. Suicide and murder. Sex and intrigue. Like a complex stew, there are many layers to Deadly Dunes, the third installment in the highly-entertaining Mac McClellan series, and although I greedily consumed this mystery in one sitting, I’d recommend slowing down, savoring the many flavors.

The setup: McClellan is hired to investigate the alleged suicide of an archeology professor, who just so happens to have stumbled across a map from Hernando de Soto’s 1539 exploration of a place called Five Mile Island, an idyllic spot on the coast of Florida. Little does McClellan know that the map will draw him into the always dangerous world of big money real estate development, and before long, he’s embroiled in yet another complex web of lies, money, and murder. The only question is: can McClellan, a retired Marine turned P.I., discover the truth, thwart the bad guys, and remain in one piece?

This is a solid mystery with plenty of red herrings and double-crossings to keep the reader guessing until the end. But, as always, the thing I enjoyed the most was Mac McClellan. A drinker of Budweiser, an avid fisherman, a man’s man with a sarcastic tongue and a secret chivalrous streak, McClellan has quickly become one of my favorite P.I.s, and I look forward to his next adventure. Highly recommended.

Alphabet Land Official Release


Alphabet Land, my first noir crime thriller featuring the problem-solver The Rook, is out today! Pick up the Kindle version ($4.99) or paperback ($14.95) here on Amazon. For fans of Barnes & Noble, go here, or if you prefer, buy it from Books-a-Million, my former employer while in grad school, here. And, of course, you can purchase my book from IndieBound, too.

I’m pretty proud of this book, and I believe readers will have a tough time putting it down once they start reading. . .and when you do finish reading it,  please write a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and/or anywhere else you see fit. Reviews need not be long, but if you want to gush and ramble on and on and on about my brilliance as a novelist, well, I won’t stand in your way.  But seriously, for small press authors, reviews are very important, so thank you in advance for taking the time.