SHAMUS IN A SKIRT by M. Ruth Myers…only .99 cents!


Okay, the Maggie Sullivan books are definitely among my favorite of the P.I. series running, so I’m delighted that the latest installment, SHAMUS IN A SKIRT, is available now for only .99 cents! The third book, DON’T DARE A DAME, won the Shamus Award for Best Indie Novel last year, and it’s great. Check out a bit of my review below to get a flavor of these first-rate mysteries.

Myers definitely makes good on the “strong women” in this novel, especially the protagonist Maggie Sullivan.  Tough and pretty with a smart mouth and a strong moral compass, Sullivan is a “dame” a reader can root for.  This is the passage in chapter one that really sold me on this character when Sullivan takes a bully down:

I hated to persuade him, but Neal seemed like one of those guys who needed taking down a peg or two. I gave him a quick little kitten jab in the snoot. Not enough to break it, just enough to start blood gushing down to his chin and get his attention. . .’Don’t drip on the rug on your way out,’ I said.

Now that’s my kind of detective, but if you remain unconvinced of her toughness, here’s a great exchange between Sullivan and one of her operatives after she’s caught a beating herself:

“Holy smokes, Sis! Someone roughed you up bad.”

“Yeah, but I shot him,” I said to allay his dismay. ..

“Was it Cy Warren’s mugs did it?”

“Nah,” I lied. “Some girls have a fan club. The one they started for me is people lining up to break my nose.”


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