All the Different Ways Love Can Feel


From 2010 to 2014, I wrote private detective mysteries. I wrote them for a lot of reasons, but the main one was simple: I love reading mysteries.  Like everyone else, I loved Chandler, Crumley, and Hammett, and I wanted to do–or try to do–what those guys did so well.  So I wrote one.  And then another.  And another.  And another.  Honestly, I’m proud of the Eli Sharpe series and Alphabet Land, my stand-alone noir thriller.  And I’m grateful to the publishers–Camel Press and 280 Steps respectively–who took a chance on me, just as I’m grateful to any and all who read those books.  My four novels haven’t made me rich, but they were challenging to write, and that made me a better writer. My goal has always been to get better.

Which is why I took a long hiatus from publishing: I wanted to work on my craft.  Plus, I was burnt out and needed to figure out what I really wanted to do next.  So now I’m jumping back into the pool. . .only this time, I’m going a different route: self-publishing a collection of short stories.  Using Createspace, which is surprisingly user-friendly, I’m currently in the process of formatting a book of eleven stories tentatively titled All the Different Ways Love Can Feel. My goal is to have this book available in paperback (print-on-demand) and Kindle some time later this summer. If you’re interested, I plan on revealing the book cover soon as well as writing more about the stories in the collection.

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4 thoughts on “All the Different Ways Love Can Feel”

  1. Great! I have read and reviewed all but um “Pink Elephant” sorry it is late and I remember the cover and loved all the others i read and reviewed. I guess there is some inside joke regarding this book but it must be a good one as they all are. So here i am sitting in front of computer and getting ready for a release of my own book and writing another. I truly like all of your books and enjoyed them all and Alphabet Land is so quirky and strange and hallucinogenic that i really have to say i loved it the best. I am looking forward to all books from you and go get em. Write the stuff that thrills you so it can thrill us. Write the stuff that is your own and you love. Go get em Max. You thought nobody cared about your work and you were wrong. Take a moment and think about it. And then write some more when you are ready.

    1. Thanks, MJ. May I ask a question: your new book, do you have a publisher, or are you self-publishing? What are you doing to launch it? I’ve done a blog tour before, but it was not helpful. I was just thinking of reaching out to a few writer friends and asking them to review my book and, maybe, letting me do a guest post on their blogs. I might do an official launch party at a mom and pop bookstore that I like here in town. Any thoughts? Cheers.

  2. Hey Max, great to hear you’re writing again! I second MJ’s opinion–I loved all your books, and you know I don’t blow smoke. By the way, MJ’s new cover for her book is killer! Email me and I’ll give you some thoughts about your book launch. Of course I’ll be glad to read/review your book, and have you guest post on my meager WordPress blog. Still hoping someday to get MMO back up and running. We had a good thing going there!
    If you don’t mind and have the time, I’d like to hear about what you’ve learned about self-pubbing and Createspace. I’m weighing the idea of a “Dinger, P.I.” collection of shorts. Also considering bringing Of Blood and Brothers out as the one big book it was always intended to be. Take care,
    Mike/Michael/Erwin (Shh! about that last one!)

    1. Mike, thanks for the kind words. I will take you up on the review offer (as long as you write what you actually think, which I know you will.)

      Createspace is very user-friendly, and economical. You can do everything, soup to nuts, for free, if you want to, or you can use an array of services they offer: editing, proofreading, book covers, and even marketing campaigns. So far, I’m planning on paying them to proofread (not edit) my collection; memory serves, that’ll run me about 15 cents a word, but don’t quote me on that. Speaking of quotes, Createspace gives a quote on any and all services beforehand, which is helpful. The book cover is the most tricky part, and I’m handing that over to my tech-savvy wife; you can, however, get a custom cover for $399. That might sound expensive, but it’s more or less the going rate. I plan on writing more about this process on my website. My advice, maybe dip your toe in the waters with your story collection. Best part, you have complete control. Something to think about. . .

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