2017 RONE Awards…Vote for DEADLY DUNES


If you’ve got a second, swing by InD’Tale Magazine, create a free account, and vote for my friend E. Michael Helms’s excellent mystery novel DEADLY DUNES, which is up for a RONE Award. I really enjoy his Mac McClellan detective series, and he is deserving of this award. Make sure to go vote by clicking here. Voting runs from May 22-28th, so don’t miss the deadline. Thanks!

Oh yeah, and go buy DEADLY DUNES by clicking here. 

3 thoughts on “2017 RONE Awards…Vote for DEADLY DUNES”

  1. Since I have bought, reviewed and loved Deadly Dunes is there something here i have missed? The magazine let me log in but the
    2016 books are already awarded. I will try changing my password.
    If there is anything I have overlooked please let me know as Michael certainly deserves to win this. They let me look at the 2016 books but said I had no access to the page from the link Max. Thanks.

    1. MJ, I did notice in the comments section under where the voting takes place a decent amount of people complaining. But I’m glad you were able to sort it out and vote for Deadly Dunes.

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