Love by Numbers

I’m pleased to announce that is going to publish “Love by Numbers,” an essay I wrote about the 277 letters I’ve written to Harry since he was born. I’ll post again when the piece goes live; if my essay gets a certain number of hits and shares, I get a bonus! The money is cool (it’s always nice when you actually get paid to do something you love), but I’m gonna get a little Chicken Soup for the Soul on ya here: I care more about sharing my struggles with OCD and parenting than anything else; I care more about getting anyone suffering with chronic anxiety to stop feeling so ashamed, and my essay attempts to do that.

End of sappy rant.



4 thoughts on “Love by Numbers”

  1. That’s really good news, Mac. Looks like your “hiatus” from mystery writing is paying off “gangbusters” — you’ve acquired a new mystery contract, AND are spreading your “everyday” non-fiction talent around, making more money than before with your fiction. I really feel good for you, my friend! Keep up the good work; you have a world of talent to spread around the literary scene! 🙂

    1. Appreciate it, Mike. I might have a new home for Eli Sharpe soon. Just waiting for things to be finalized. Hope it works out, but we’ll see.

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