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Max Everhart is the author of the Eli Sharpe mystery series including Go Go GatoSplit to Splinters (#2), and Ed, Not Eddie (#3). Split to Splinters was a finalist for the Shamus Award in the Best P.I. Original Paperback category in 2016.  He is also the author of Alphabet Landa crime thriller featuring a “problem-solver” known only as The Rook; this book will be forthcoming on Radish Fiction.  Max’s most recent work is a collection of short stories called All the Different Ways Love Can Feel; some of the stories in this book were nominated for or won Best of the Net, AWP Intro Journals Award, Glimmer Train’s New Writer Award, and the Pushcart Prize.  His stories and essays have been published in Elysian Fields Quarterly, Potomac Review, Shotgun Honey, juked, Slow Trains Journal, The State, and Portable Magic: The Authors First AnthologyFind him on Facebook and twitter. Or at www.maxeverhart.com.



From Shamus Award finalist Max Everhart comes ALL THE DIFFERENT WAYS LOVE CAN FEEL, a collection of stories exploring the complexities of relationships. Whether its a single father who buys a lake house with a dying man still living in it, or a young Red Sox fan who plots to assassinate George Steinbrenner, or a devoted mother who joins the Army Reserves on her thirty-fifth birthday, just before Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait, these eleven stories charm, provoke, and confound. Not to mention examine up close that most conflicted of emotions: love.


When Almario “Go Go” Gato, a handsome young Cuban baseball player, goes missing mid-season, his agent Veronica Craven hires a private investigator to track down her best client. No police. No press. Enter Eli Sharpe, an Asheville, North Carolina-based ex-ballplayer turned private detective who specializes in investigating professional athletes. Eli begins by questioning Maria Gato, Almario’s roommate and fraternal twin. Maria watched while both her parents drowned on the boat ride from Cuba to America, so she is naturally desperate to get her only brother back. She tells Eli a secret: Almario may have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Eli tracks down Almario’s supposed girlfriend, a rich sorority girl, but is soon led to another woman in his life, Sheri Stuckey, his cocaine supplier and fiancée who works in tandem with a gay bartender named Dantonio Rushing. Stuckey, a drug abuser and single mother, claims Almario split because she wanted the two of them to check into rehab. But Rushing, dazzled by Almario’s boyish good looks, tells a different tale: Almario has taken out a $500,000 life insurance policy on himself and named Stuckey as the primary beneficiary. With the help of his a mentor—a former homicide detective—and five ex fiancées who still care about him, Eli follows Go Go’s trail, determined to locate the elusive ballplayer before one of the nasty people in his life—or his own bad habits—do him in.


Jim Honeycutt, a vigorous Hall of Famer who still hurls 90 MPH fast balls in his 50s, is missing his three-hundredth career win baseball, and an anonymous note points to his daughters. Cherchez la femme, or so they say. In this case, there isn’t just one female involved, but six, and they are all suspects. Four lovely daughters, their seductive mother, and their mother’s best friend. Eli Sharpe, an ex pro-baseball player based in Asheville, North Carolina, who investigates cases related to his former profession, sets out to delve into the complicated family dynamics of the Honeycutt clan. Other than the daughters, there are the various men who trail after them as well as the washed-out writer who lives in the Hall of Famer’s basement, supposedly writing his biography. The culprit has to be someone in Jim’s circle. So how difficult can it be to expose them? Even Eli, with his already close acquaintance with human treachery, isn’t prepared for what he will find.



Ed Leviner is a hot prospect for the Major Leagues, a young pitcher who’s broken every record. She’s also a tough young woman who hates to be called Eddie. And someone in the idyllic Southern town of Cook, South Carolina, has threatened to kill her if she pitches in Wednesday’s game. It’s Sunday morning, which doesn’t give private eye and ex-ballplayer Eli Sharpe much time to identify the source of these threats. Ed has lots of admirers but few friends and several enemies and detractors in this conservative community. Then there’s her feuding divorced parents, her spurned tutor, a disgraced coach turned evangelical minister, and the local sheriff, a bully whose son is one of Ed’s discarded boyfriends. Though local law enforcement is oddly unhelpful, Eli is not alone in his search for answers. The TV news team covering the protests is headed up a beautiful anchorwoman from Eli’s past. Is she on his side or not? As usual, Eli is busy raising hackles in a town where there’s more than one mad dog in disguise. Ed, Not Eddie is the third book in the Eli Sharpe Mystery series, which began with Go Go Gato.


In Alphabet Land, a neighborhood awash in drugs, violence and crime in Clyde, SC, Luke Bump calls the shots. So when Bump—a sadistic career criminal—orders an indebted employee named Crispy to rob Rebel Pig BBQ, Crispy obeys, absconding with $66,000 in cash. But not before shooting the owner, Robert Leviner.

Enter the Rook, an ex-convict turned “problem-solver”, who plays chess and carries a .45 Chief’s Special to get justice… his way. The Rook’s mission: retrieve Leviner’s nest egg. And in the process, pry Alphabet Land loose from Luke Bump’s deadly grip.




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