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Thanks Private Eye Writers of America: SPLIT TO SPLINTERS is a 2016 Shamus Award Finalist!


Grateful is my word of the day because Split to Splinters (Eli Sharpe #2) is a finalist in the Best P.I. Paperback Original category for the 2016 Shamus Awards.

Bill Pronzini.  Ross MacDonald. Harlan Coben. Robert Crais. Dennis Lehane. Michael Connelly. Alison Gaylin. Paul D. Marks. M. Ruth Myers. These are just some of the many previous Shamus Award winners whose work I greatly admire, whose books have entertained, thrilled, challenged, and inspired me.  My love of reading is the main reason I started writing, and today, I’m feeling particularly grateful to all the aforementioned novelists for providing the blueprint on how to craft a first-rate mystery.  But, perhaps more importantly, I’m grateful to my publisher Camel Press. Thank you Catherine Treadgold for taking a chance on an unknown writer, and thank you Jennifer McCord for the editorial guidance.


I’m also grateful to The Private Eye Writers of America, not only for selecting my book as a finalist, but for staying committed to celebrating, recognizing, and elevating the sometimes maligned P.I. genre.  Without PEWA, an organization that I use as a source for book recommendations, I might never have discovered many of my favorite sleuths such as Elvis Cole, Myron Bolitar, and Maggie Sullivan. For that, too, I thank you.

So congratulations to all the nominees this year, and I like forward to meeting everyone in New Orleans at Bouchercon.


Ed, Not Eddie (An Eli Sharpe Mystery) Official Release!

ed not eddie

With no humans in sight, Eli shifted the car into drive and pulled into a small gravel parking lot situated to the left of the house.  There, sitting atop a purple and gold ambulance, sat Leland Leviner, the man who’d made the frantic phone call the night before. The man who was now holding a shotgun.

Got time to kill? Got discretionary income? Like to read mysteries? If you answered yes to all three, then go pick up Ed, Not Eddie (An Eli Sharpe mystery) today. Only $4.95 for Kindle, and $14.95 for a paperback. Oh yeah, Split to Splinters (Eli Sharpe #2) is only .99 on Kindle all through April.

The third installment in the Eli Sharpe series, Ed, Not Eddie is my favorite book I’ve ever written (this month, anyway), so you should go buy it, and if you read it, too, so much the better! And if you review it, well, I’ll simonize your car for you. Nah, not really. Don’t do manual labor. Too old. Too out of shape. Anyhew, here’s what some nice folks have written about my little book:


“With well-developed characters that are colorful and unique, this enjoyable story has a solid plot that flows smoothly and seamlessly from scene to scene, pulling one in as it entertains…. Rich with a well-written story line, vivid descriptions, wit, and smart, snappy dialogue, this intriguing mystery will appeal to readers of many genres and is a welcome addition to any collection.”

—Janna Shay for InD’Tale Magazine



Ed, Not Eddie is the best written of the Eli Sharpe mysteries. There are strong characters with an intriguing plot. Best of all the narrative flows smoothly. Pages glide by. It has the potential to be a break through book for Everhart…. Eli has become of my favourite 21st century sleuths. Everhart’s series is the best mystery baseball series I have read since the Kate Henry mysteries of the late Alison Gordon.”

—Bill Selnes for Mysteries and More


Eli Sharpe is #1. . .and FREE!

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Exciting news item #1: “Pink Elephant,” an Eli Sharpe mystery, is FREE on Kindle right now, AND it has reached #1 on one of Amazon’s bestseller lists. Please, go download this fast-paced story involving a stuffed pink elephant, drugs, and a bad guy named Mr. Spoon immediately. (Thank you in advance for leaving reviews on Amazon!)

ed not eddie

Exciting news item #2: Ed, Not Eddie (Eli Sharpe #3) is out today and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Only $4.95 on Kindle or Nook, $14.95 for paperback. This go round, Eli Sharpe is tasked with figuring out who is sending death threats to a hotshot female knuckleball pitcher in rural Cook, South Carolina. It’s good. I promise. So buy it and read it and review it.


Exciting news item #3: The Kindle version of Split to Splinters (Eli Sharpe #2) is only .99 all throughout the month of April. That’s right: you can get a brilliantly-written, highly-entertaining piece of literature for less than a dollar. AND, if you’ve already purchased the paperback, you can get the Kindle version for FREE! Just get as a gift for someone else who hasn’t read it. Or read it again on a different format. Just get it, pretty please.

Early Praise for ED, NOT EDDIE (Eli Sharpe #3)


Thanks to Jack Magnus at Readers’ Favorite for a five-star review of Ed, Not Eddie. 

Here’s the full-text:

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Ed, Not Eddie: An Eli Sharpe Mystery is a private investigator mystery novel written by Max Everhart. Eli’s been called to investigate a series of threatening letters that had been received by Ed Leviner, a collegiate knuckleball pitcher who is being seriously considered by the major leagues. While she doesn’t seem all that concerned about the letters, her father, Leland, is, and Eli is working at his behest. The small town atmosphere of Cook County, South Carolina is a far cry from Eli’s urban haunts in Asheville, North Carolina, his adopted hometown, and the more Eli hears about the entangled relationships between the possible suspects, the more he is convinced that this small town harbors a dangerous person who seems bent on thwarting Ed’s major league career, even if they have to kill her to do it. Major league baseball is a bittersweet memory for the private eye, whose own chances at bat were destroyed by his alcoholism. Eli’s determined to make sure Ed gets her turn.

Max Everhart’s private investigator mystery novel, Ed, Not Eddie: An Eli Sharpe Mystery, is fast-paced, exciting and filled with twists and turns. This is the first Eli Sharpe Mystery that I’ve read; however, the author included enough background information to allow me to enjoy this book on its own. Everhart’s characters are complex and authentic, especially Sharpe and his mentor and friend, Ernest Carpenter, but the author makes each and every character seen in this compelling and gritty story stand out in full relief. The plot is first-rate, and I particularly enjoyed the ongoing references to the fictional private eye Jim Rockford and the classic noir mystery writers. Then there’s Ed, the main star of the entire tale, whose story reads like a psychological thriller; one that I’ll be puzzling over for some time. I had a marvelous time reading this book and intend to catch up with the previous books in the series. Ed, Not Eddie is most highly recommended.


Nice blurb for ED, NOT EDDIE


Elena Hartwell, author of the forthcoming mystery ONE DEAD, TWO TO GO, wrote a nice blurb for me. Here it is.

“Max Everhart writes a great story with the twists and turns required for a solid mystery, but the home run in Ed, Not Eddie is his ability to craft dynamite characters. From the wisecracking protagonist Eli Sharpe to the walk-on characters with only a single line, Everhart invents a unique voice for everyone. The small town of Cook, South Carolina, and its division III College, are abuzz with the potentially history-making Ed Leviner. But becoming the first woman to pitch for the majors isn’t the only obstacle dogging Ed (never call her Eddie!). First, she has to live through the big game at the school. Hired to find out if the death threats to Ed are real, Eli soon finds himself embroiled in all the complications of a small town. Sex, drugs, corruption, and baseball make their way into a plot that keeps you guessing. If this is your first foray into the Eli Sharpe mystery series, Ed, Not Eddie will have you scrambling to catch up with books one and two.”

—Elena Hartwell, author of the Eddie Shoes Mystery series

“Pink Elephant”. . new Eli Sharpe story only .99 cents!

Pink Elephant,” an action-packed short story featuring the always resourceful and quick-witted Eli Sharpe, is available now for only .99 cents on Kindle! Buy it here, and as always, if you like it, write a quick review on Amazon and/or share it on social media.

Description: Former pitcher Darren “Duck” Williams hires ex-ball player/present private detective Eli Sharpe to make a delivery—a stuffed pink elephant to Duck’s daughter. Stuffed with what? Drugs, that’s what, unbeknownst to Eli, and the girl isn’t related to Duck at all. Eli owes Duck bigtime for bailing him out once, or he’d never try to save his ass after being played—taken for a drug mule. The bad guy he’s up against, Mr. Spoon, is one stone cold killer. But Eli always has a card or two up his sleeve. Introducing Eli Sharpe, PI extraordinaire of the Eli Sharpe Mysteries, set in Asheville, NC. Full-length novel adventures include Go Go Gato, Split to Splinters, and the upcoming Ed, Not Eddie. 

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Free Content: Good Idea or Not?

I’m looking to make at least one short story featuring my private detective Eli Sharpe FREE on Kindle and other eBook platforms.  The story is entitled “Pink Elephant.” It’s about an ex-pitcher turned drug dealer who suckers Sharpe into “muling” a pink stuffed elephant filled with cocaine .  .  .it’s fun, it’s action-packed, and my hope is new readers will read the story, like Eli Sharpe, and then go buy Go Go Gato and/or Split to SplintersI’m hoping to see at least a little spike in sales (actually, any sales would be awesome!), but we’ll see. As soon as I get the eBook back from my publisher, I will make the story available for FREE.  In the meantime, if anyone out there has done this before, please drop me a comment and let me know how it went.




Eli Sharpe News

Ed, Not Eddie, the third installment in the Eli Sharpe series, will be released on April 1st. I’m very excited about the cover, which I’ll be posting here soon, but I’m even more excited about the story. Thumbnail sketch: Ed Leviner, a superstar female pitcher who is about to be drafted into the Major Leagues, is receiving death threats on the eve of the biggest game of her collegiate career. Enter Eli Sharpe . . .this one is set in a small town in South Carolina, and is peopled with oddball characters, snappy dialogue, and plot twists a-plenty.

In other news.  .  .both Go Go Gato (Eli Sharpe #1) and Split to Splinters (Eli Sharpe #2are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. I’ve also noticed that if you have purchased a paperback copy of either of those books, you can buy a Kindle version for only $1.99! Even if you’ve already read (and hopefully, loved) those books, you can buy them and gift them to someone else.  .  .and that would make me very happy, which should be everyone’s number one priority. Oh, and please remember that reviews on Amazon and Goodreads really do make a difference. Just a sentence or two about how much you enjoy Eli Sharpe and his hijinks would be much, much appreciated. 

Thanks a million.


SPLIT TO SPLINTERS (Eli Sharpe #2) Goodreads Giveaway

Enter to win a free paperback copy of SPLIT TO SPLINTERS (Eli Sharpe #2) on Goodreads. Or, if you’re so inclined, pre-order the book on Amazon. Check out the synopsis below to see if it’s your cup of tea.

Jim Honeycutt, a vigorous Hall of Famer who still hurls 90 MPH fast balls in his 50s, is missing his three-hundredth career win baseball, and an anonymous note points to his daughters. Cherchez la femme, or so they say. In this case, there isn’t just one female involved, but six, and they are all suspects. Four lovely daughters, their seductive mother, and their mother’s best friend.

Eli Sharpe, an ex pro-baseball player based in Asheville, North Carolina, who investigates cases related to his former profession, sets out to delve into the complicated family dynamics of the Honeycutt clan. Other than the daughters, there are the various men who trail after them as well as the washed-out writer who lives in the Hall of Famer’s basement, supposedly writing his biography.

The culprit has to be someone in Jim’s circle. So how difficult can it be to expose them? Even Eli, with his already close acquaintance with human treachery, isn’t prepared for what he will find.







SPLIT TO SPLINTERS, Eli Sharpe #2 and other news…

FYI: if you liked Go Go Gato and want to know what Eli Sharpe’s been doing lately, perhaps you’d be good enough to pre-order Split to Splinters, the next installment featuring my sharp-dressed, quick-witted detective. In this one, Sharpe is hired by Jim Honeycutt, a Hall of Fame pitcher turned real estate mogul, to track down a very valuable piece of baseball memorabilia. In order to solve the case, Sharpe must do battle with the daughters Honeycutt, four formidable women, all with their own agendas, as well as Tess Honeycutt, the smart and sexy wife, and a sixth woman, who, depending on who you ask, is either Honeycutt’s business partner or his mistress, or both. Oh, and then there’s the ancient alcoholic journalist living in Honeycutt’s basement, a man who is supposedly ghost-writing Honeycutt’s autobiography. Honestly, there are so many subplots in this one, so many ulterior motives and suspicions and God-only-knows what else that I can’t remember them all. I do remember that the book is fun and real page-turner. . . so much so that Steven Steinberg, coauthor (with Lyle Spatz) of the award-winning 1921: The Yankees, the Giants, and the Battle for Baseball Supremacy in New York, had this to say about it: 

“A fast-paced whodunit of family intrigue centering on a legendary baseball pitcher, whose priceless 300th-win baseball has been stolen. Max Everhart’s PI, Eli Sharpe, was himself a former ballplayer, but a mediocre one. Yet his grasp of human nature is of all-star quality. Sharpe is a clever and appealing character, and the story’s suspects are vivid and distinctive. Split to Splinters is a solid hit, and I look forward to his next case.”

I’m also closing in on an ending for Ed, Not Eddie, the third book in the Eli Sharpe series. This one’s about a female knuckleball pitcher who, on the eve of being drafted into the Major Leagues, begins receiving anonymous death threats. Action ensues, etc. It’s fun. I think people might like it.

And finally, ten years after I wrote it, my short story “Virginia is a Different Country” is going to be included in an anthology put out by The Story Plant. That’ll come out this summer. Here’s a link to their website.


If you’d like to preorder Split to Splinters, you can do so here: