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Books & and the Bear: Social Media Promotion

A new one for me: I spent a few bucks (a very few) and ordered a one day social media promotion through Books & the Bear. I’d read and heard good things about their editing and marketing services, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Here’s what I know so far. First, their website looks great and is very easy to navigate, which is a big plus in my book. Second, they have a range of marketing services from blog tours on the high end of the price scale, to book promotion packages and social media promotions on the lower end of the spectrum. Being cheap by nature (and wanting to do an audition, of sorts), I bought the social media promotion, which was only $5. For that, you get a one-day social media blast. I’m not expecting miracles, but Books & the Bear has a very strong social media presence (about 221K on twitter), and they even provide stats for the social media promotion: reach an audience of 210,00+ with an average of 458+ clicks. Whether this will translate into any sales, who knows? But it should, I hope, provide some exposure for ALL THE DIFFERENT WAYS LOVE CAN FEEL.

Max Everhart’s latest book is a collection of short stories called All the Different Ways Love Can Feel.  It is available on his Createspace storeand Amazon. Find him on Facebook and twitter.


Twitter Rules I Recently Learned

Last week, I received a very helpful email from The Story Plant–the publisher of Portable Magic: The Authors First Anthology.  (Pick it up here if interested).  The email was all about best practices for using social media, and I thought I’d share some of the tips about twitter that were included. Most of these “rules” I was breaking, and ever since I started abiding by them I’ve gotten much better results using twitter (i.e. more followers, more retweets and favorites, etc.). Below are some tips, but be sure to check out The Story Plant’s website here for more.

  1. Post multiple times a day.  I recommend using Hootsuite to schedule tweets, that way you will not have to spend all day tweeting and scanning tweeter. Spend thirty minutes a week scheduling out tweets, and you’re all set for seven days.
  2. Content should be 80/20 ratio between posts that entertain and/or add value to your followers (promotions of other authors/books, funny tweets, writer advice, etc.) and promotional stuff of your own (your books/writing). I was, until recently, breaking this rule.
  3. Create lists within twitter. I was overwhelmed and, frankly, annoyed by twitter, until I created lists, which allowed me to categorize favorite tweeter feeds. Here is a link on how to create lists. Very helpful.